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“We offer a variety of at-home services that simplify your everyday living and delight our customers to become their best handymen.”

Service Bug is committed to bring out professionalism, quality services, and trust to the home repair service. We take it as an immense pride by sending the most professional trained, verified and reliable handymen to your homes to fix things assigned while letting you relax.

Why Choose Us

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The idea of Service Bug was born out of necessity. The necessity to eliminate the hassle and provide the best quality at-home service at doorsteps with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to offer a quality service /repair for household appliances through fast, on-site and off-site service. Our handymen are on to provide 100% satisfying services to our customers at a very affordable and transparent pricing.

Purity is our surety and we strongly follow this by using the widest assortment of 100% genuine spare parts for specific models at the best possible price.

We believe our people who lead us are responsible for your progress and our professional team consist of trained and certified employees who make a path for our success.

Our goal is to simplify and ease your lives by providing an array of quality service solutions at your fingertips and then at their doorstep.

Our Services

Service Bug is a smart way for an easy life

AC is one of the most advanced and regularly using appliances in your home, office, and vehicles or anywhere; that alters the condition of air in compare to outside atmosphere.Heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, cleaning, or air movement like procedure often used during AC repairing and installation.

Over time, due to continuous usage, wrong installation or carelessness AC loses its freeze. AC Servicing becomes necessary after the start of heating and cooling seasons respectively. Timely servicing ensures fresh and filtered air. While AC’s provide us with a deep pleasure of comfort they also require regular maintenance. All AC must be installed along with a good quality stabilizer.

Service Bug is an at-home appliance service provider that offers you a high air conditioner repair and maintenance services. We are just one click away from us. We provide endless services solutions for AC repair and maintenance. Our service handymen are verified, and skilled professionals and will reach you in time. Our handymen can repair any brand that you are looking for and can solve any problem related to AC like

Time is Money, and everyone is busy to convert it. Behalf of this quotation, technology brings us in a phase where money is used to save our times by invention of so many house holding appliances.

The microwave oven is one of those appliances which are tech-born and used in most of the homes in the kitchen section. The oven is used to bake the food. But it also suffers hiccups like other electronic devices.

Problems encountered are:

You want quick services when your Microwave oven breaks down for a sparkling switch or wiring fuse. You probably do not think to waste your time in your busy schedule to fix the issues, so what to do now? Service Bug understands the urgency and provides express electrician services.

A washing machine is an appliance used extremely in homes to avoid overload of home works and wash household laundry, such as clothes, curtains, bed sheets, and pillow cover, etc

Without the use of a washing machine, the clothes will look dirty' filthy and stained. Therefore you need to operate it on the regular time interval for your convenience.

Without the use of a washing machine, the clothes will look dirty' filthy and stained. Therefore you need to operate it on the regular time interval for your convenience.

Common problems includes, washer won't spin, washer won't agitate, making a loud noise, washer vibrating or shaking, washer fills slowly, washer won't drain, overflowing etc, at this situation you need a handyman as soon as possible.

Service Bug, a reputed service provider that offers you quality repair, service, and maintenance of a washing machine. We have come up all services under one roof for you. Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, and Godrej etc.

Refrigerators is sub storage system for perishable food items and for cooling down the liquid like water, milk, cold drinks and other beverages in domestic as well as commercial levels and considered as one of the core household appliances.

Though you may have an elite class refrigerator in your home sometimes, it also suffers sneezing or hiccups type problem electrical accent. Are the problems related to refrigerator like running cold or running warm, no quick ice formation, foul smell and many more creating wrinkles on your forehead time to time?

Don’t be panic whenever you are facing this situation just contact us and we are here to provide A to Z service solutions regarding refrigerator. We maintain a team of qualified and diligent service technicians who enable to respond quickly to any repairing service related to Refrigerator.